Tucson Presidio District

About Us

Old Town Artisans


Once the stables of the original Presidio (fort) located in today's Downtown Tucson, Old Town Artisans' shops and galleries offer unique regional, cultural, and contemporary items in a historic building surrounding a beautiful courtyard.

La Cocina Restaurant


Boasting al fresco dining, a beautiful courtyard atmosphere, a rustic Cantina, and live music under the stars, La Cocina's menu  offers something for everyone.

Presidio San Agustín del Tucson


The Presidio Museum is a re-creation of the Tucson Presidio (fort) built in 1775. Visitors travel back in time to learn about life as early Tucsonans would have lived it.  Visitors also have the opportunity to see the archaeological remains of a pit house and experience a 150 year old classic Sonoran Row house. tourist attraction

Upcoming Events

Living History Day at the Presidio Museum: Garrisons of the Frontier

Saturday, April 13, 10 am to 3 pm

This is our LAST Living History Day for the season!  Catalonian Volunteers, Dragoons, the Presidio soldier, the Mexican Army and the U.S. Cavalry…all were soldiers stationed in Tucson at different times. This month’s Living History Day is about the technology, tools and daily duties of each kind of soldier. Lectures about a soldier's life, military drum communication, and the life of a soldier's wife will also be included. In addition to themed activities, other opportunities for visitors include:

· Tastings of handmade tortillas cooked on our outdoor “comal” and fresh-baked bread from our “horno”

· Interactive demonstrations of children’s games and weaving 

· Soldiers practicing their drills and the hourly firing of a four-pound bronze cannon

· Musket demonstrations

· Pumping the bellows of the blacksmith’s forge

· Candle making

This event is included in admission.  For more information, see TucsonPresidio.com.